We want your PVC-U

Sell your plastic scrap

Why sell your waste material to Merritt Plastics?

There are many reasons to choose Merritt Plastics as your waste plastics buyer, but one of the most compelling is our stability. We have the foundation to invest and improve – so you can be sure that we whenever you need us, we will be here.

You can also trust in…

  • Established, reputable company

    Being part of a much larger group means we have the foundation to invest and improve, so you can be sure that whenever you need us, we’ll be here. You can rely on us to build a long-term waste-processing partnership with your business.

  • Complete traceability

    We provide full documentation to prove that all your PVC-U waste is handled responsibly and recycled into new products.

  • Waste plastic prices - Our fair deal

    We guarantee to pay the current market price for your PVC-U waste.

  • Accurate weighing

    As the UK’s leading waste plastic buyer, our weighbridge is regularly calibrated and independently checked to ensure accuracy. So you can be sure that you’ll receive guaranteed payments for every ounce of PVC-U to send to us.

  • Rapid processing

    Deliveries to our site are handled swiftly and smoothly, so your drivers don’t waste time waiting to unload.

  • Recovinyl assured

    Our processes are independently audited by Recovinyl, assuring you that we are a reputable recycler.

To find out more about the benefits of recycling with Merritt Plastics, please contact us today.

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