Recycled Products

Quality, bespoke, recycled PVC-U products

Looking for sustainably produced extruded plastic products, manufactured using recycled PVC-U? Look to Merritt Plastics and our extensive range of top-quality recycled plastic products.

Most of the feedstock used to manufacture our products is recycled PVC-U from our own plant. We do extrude products using virgin polymers too, and blends of recycled and virgin material. Some products, such as frame-forming cavity closers, are manufactured entirely from recycled materials. Our commercial door seals use 100% recycled UPVC for the rigid section and virgin PVC-U for the flexible flipper section.

Our range of recycled plastic products includes:

  • Cavity closers

    Frame-forming closures for the cavities around window and door openings in masonry walls.

  • Commercial vehicle door seals

    Perimeter seals for the back doors of commercial vehicle trailers.

  • Commercial vehicle pelmets

    The tops of curtain sided trailers which hide the curtain running gear.

  • Medical products

    Small UPVC tubes for various uses.

  • Gaskets

    The seals in UPVC window profiles etc.

  • Automotive products

    Extrusions for commercial vehicles.

  • Home and leisure products

    PVC tube and UPVC tube.

  • Eaves guards

    A protective barrier fot the bottom row of roof tiles.

  • Glazing extrusions

    Extrusions for UPVC glazing.

  • Traffic-management barrier boards

    Warning and traffic flow signage.

  • Blasting tubes

    Tubes to hold explosives in place when packing holes in quarries.

  • Building products

    Cavalok cavity closers and PVC up-stands forming the roof light for flat roofs.

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