Post-Consumer PVC Recycling

Post-Consumer PVC Recycling

We need your post-consumer windows and door frames!

The brand new enlarged Merritt Plastics recycling plant can recycle more than 12,000 tonnes of UPVC waste every year, including 10,000 tonnes of post-consumer windows and door frames.

So if you are a waste-processing plant, skip hire company or waste transfer station, we need your waste material.

UPVC Recycling

We recycle your UPVC waste into new products

This keeps non-biodegradable plastic out of landfill and puts it back into productive use. You can deliver your post-consumer plastic waste direct to our site in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. The facility can accommodate vehicles of any size, so even the biggest trailers can be brought on site to unload.

Alternatively, we will collect the waste from your site

Get a fair price for your PVC-U waste As a reputable, Recovinyl-registered company, Merritt Plastics guarantees that you will be paid a fair market price for every ounce of PVC-U waste you send to us.

Which materials can be recycled?

We can recycle the following plastics:

  • Old PVC-U windows that are clean and deglazed

    Either whole or dismantled (handles, hinges, gaskets and reinforcements can be left in place)

We do not recycle:

  • Plastic pipes

  • Building plastics

    (fascias, soffits, guttering, etc)

  • Injection mouldings

    (patio chairs, tables, etc)

  • Foam-based plastics

    (e.g. Euroboard fascias and soffits)

  • Litter and rubble

Post-Consumer Waste


Designed for larger operations with efficint control of waste, our larger bins have a solid base and sides to accommodate your post-consumer frames.

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