Landfill tax generation rises to £1.1bn in 2014

PFigures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shown that landfill tax revenues are now at £1.1 billion, compared to the £113 million reported when the regime first came into effect 19 years ago.

Initially set up to help divert waste from landfill and drive it to incentivise recycling and energy recovery investment, the landfill tax has experienced an almost ten-fold increase since its introduction; however, figures have shown that revenue actually dipped slightly in 2014 following the record £1.2 billion generated from landfill tax in 2013.

This was the first time the revenue dropped since 2008/09, when income fell from £954 million to £842 million.

The report also revealed that other energy taxes, including fossil fuel and climate change levies, made up 72.9% of all environmental taxes – while Transport contributed the remaining 23.7%, showing a generated environmental tax total of £44.6 billion generated in 2014.

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